What comes to mind when you think of functional posture therapy?

Chances are your first thought centres around back pain and movement issues. While this is true, FPT can bring even more benefits to your body. For some people, these benefits are found in and around the head. So, for the remainder of the year we are encouraging people who are experiencing any ailments to do with the head & neck to come in and experience the FPT benefits that may come about when we help your body to heal.

Clear Mind

This is a bit of an indirect result of so many other things happening in the body. The spine sometimes becomes misaligned. This can happen through injury, accident, or even the regular tasks of life. Because the surroundings of the spine influence the central nervous system, pressure in these membranes sometimes means that you develop difficulty concentrating or focusing. People report that they feel foggy, dizzy or clouded when trying to complete tasks. When these problems areas are corrected, it can ease some of the symptoms and leave you feeling clear of mind, and vision.

Brain Fog   /   Vertigo   /    Cognitive Difficulties   /    Dizziness & Fuzziness   /    Forward Head Position

Pain & Headaches

Some pain and headaches are caused by sickness or injury or an outside source that is out of our control. Others stem from the same misalignments of the spine that are mentioned above. These misalignments cause pressure to build along the spine until it reaches the base of the head and causes pain. The FPT treatment can correct these misalignments, thus releasing the pressure and avoiding the pain in the first place.

Migraines   /   Headaches   /   Neck Pain   /   Ear Aches   /   Wry Neck

Stress Relief

The healthier your body feels, the less stress you’re going to feel as a whole. It won’t fix problems at work or alleviate family tension or free you from stressful obligations in life, but it may alleviate some of the physical tension in your body. As much as we like to separate physical and mental health issues, they have an influence on each other. Less pain, fewer aches, and subsequently less stress.

Jaw Tension   /   Clenching   /   Affective Disorders   ​/   Whiplash Injuries   /   Sinus   /   Buzzing